Industry Recognition
Industry leaders have approved JCM’s forward-thinking Quality Assurance System – exceed the requirements of SB: AS9100 Rev D and ISO 9001:2015, JCM’s and incorporates key elements of ISO Standards 10005, 10007, 10011, and 10012. JCM’s Quality Assurance System is approved by the “Performance Review Institute” Registrar and it’s customers to meet these requirements:
  • Boeing D6-82479
  • Boeing Fracture Critical Approval
  • Boeing DPD/MBD
  • Goodrich Aerostructures QA 111
  • Lockheed Martin Fracture Critical Certified
  • Pratt & Whitney ASQR-01, MCL and LCS
  • Sikorsky ASQR-01
  • Sikorsky Flight Safety SS9211
  • Vought Aircraft SQAR Rev R Certified Supplier
JCM’s Quality Assurance System integrates all engineering, manufacturing and verification functions through a “Planning for Product Realization” process. This extensive review and approval process allows for customer flexibility while maintaining stringent system controls. An active internal audit process maintains the integrity of all company activities and sub-tier suppliers’ performance.

JCM has distinguished itself as a high-quality player in an industry that measures quality in millionth’s of an inch.